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SEATEC Diamond Boat Care by Dulon is a professional boat care line for GRP, varnish, stainless steel, and plastic surfaces. These products clean, maintain and protect all surfaces for an extended period of time with great results. This series includes a special pretreatment agent (General Boat Care) for greasing and cleaning the substrates of your vessel, as well as waxes and polishes (Polish & Wax Care), which will help protect and maintain the upkeep of your vessel.

This product is a combination of both polishing paste and wax. Easily repair areas or surfaces, which have either become weathered, discolored or dull. And remove small scratches, spots and streaks. This product ensures high-glossy protection throughout the water sports season. For use on hard surfaces or materials such as gelcoats, painted steel or wood, as well as stainless steel. This product works with an easy-on-easy-off principle.

First, use SEATEC Hull Cleaner to remove soap scum and water stains. You may additionally use SEATEC Top Cleaner to remove light dirt, grease, oil and traces of old wax and silicone layers. Apply SEATEC 2 in 1 polish & wax with a damp cloth, sponge or a polishing machine in vigorous circular motions until the desired outcome is achieved. Let the surface dry until a white film or veil has formed. Then rub down the surface with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth or cleaning fur. Regularily clean the surfaces of your boat with SEATEC wash and wax.

Keep product locked up and out of reach from children. Always read the label and the directions before using this product.


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