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The ALBA-COMBI will convert all those channels to temperature, pressure, voltage, tank levels, current, engine status, etc. You will be able to use that information to populate all the available 15 NMEA2000 PGNs.
The ALBA-COMBI is a state of the art analogue to NMEA2000 converter that covers the most demanding applications. It has six 0 V to 32 V channels and another additional six channels can be configured in voltage or resistive 0 to 600 ohms mode. There are also two RPM inputs available, one PTC and one shunt input.
Note: The configuration can be done using the ehternet interface.


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Evaluaciones 100% auténticas
Stavros A.
Bandera nacional de Grecia
Difficult to install. Must be installed as multiple different devices in order to use it at full function.
Pro is a must for old type engines
Con bad literature. few sensors supported
Bandera nacional de Rumanía Compra verificada
Very poor logistics. I have received the products in 2 months
Jukka W.
Bandera nacional de Finlandia Compra verificada
I\'m trying to use the product with Sole Mini-17 diesel engine and Raymarine a75 MFD.\r\n\r\nThere are severe bugs and limitations with alarms in the product (firmware 1.7) : 1) It can not create for example a low oil pressure alarm as only the \"higher than\" alarm works. If \"lower than\" is selected it does not save the setting and defaults always to \"higher than\". 2) There is no \"when below or above\" choice for an alarm which would be most useful in boat environment 3) There should also of course be more than only two alarms that you could send to MFD via NMEA2000. Or you could have several alarms that enable one open collector output. What is the point of monitoring 12 signals from engine unless you can create automatic alarms for all of them? \r\n\r\nThe use of shunt input is totally undocumented. Shunt ground seems to be short circuited to ground so only a lower side shunt is possible. This is quite impractical in a boat environment. Open collector output has meaning for people with university degree in electrical engineering, but, still I needed to experimentally find out that open collector ground pin was left floating, which again is poor documentation. I have no idea how many mA the open collector output can take and is there a diode included for protection if it drives a relay coil. Of course with this product there should be schematics showing example circuitry for current measurement with shunt input and how to connect a buzzer to the open collector output. \r\n\r\nThe Alba-Combi documentation in general is extremely poor. In youtube there are some additional videos and watching all of them carefully reveal many things that should actually be stated in the manual.\r\n\r\nI have tried to contact the manufacturer with email, but have not received any response what so ever to the issues and development requests listed above.

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