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BLUE SEA - m-LVD Battery Monitor

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The m-LVD (LVD = Low Voltage Disconnect) battery monitor can be used for 12 V on-board systems and monitors the battery voltage. At a certain low voltage, the integrated relay disconnects the consumer from the electrical system. Thus, an accidentally discharge of the battery is prevented.
The standard setting is set at 12.1 V and can be changed with the included ON-OFF-ON remote between 11.3 - 12.1 V (in 0.2 V steps). The remote makes the handling easy and the integrated LED works as a visual alarm.
Thanks to a well-defined hysteresis, short voltage drops and voltage spikes, that can occur by switching on and off of strong consumers, do not cause false tripping.
This relay provides a two-step undervoltage protection. About 5 minutes before disconnection, the visual alarm signalizes the undervoltage (through red LEDs). The LEDs are not lit up during normal voltage levels. At a continuing undervoltage level the LEDs light up red, after disconnection they flash red. An acoustic alarm is also possible. For that the optional Aural Warning / Piezo, Art. 23403 can be used.
The disconnection of the consumers can be delayed through the remote by 10 minutes during an alarm (button OVERRIDE) or can be used as a direct switch (button OFF), to shut down the consumers immediately. Through pressing the buttons the alarm can be deactivated (visual & acoustical).
At a voltage of > 13 V, battery and consumer are automatically reconnected.
The housing allows recessed or bulkhead installation.
The electrical connection is done over a 6mm tap bolt as well as over a 6.3mm flat plug.

  • rated voltage: 12 V
  • power: max. 115 A (5 min)
  • continuous power: 65 A
  • consumption:
    95 mA (battery/consumer connected), 4 mA (battery/consumer disconnected)
    max. power for acoustic alarm: 250 mA
    max. power for external alarm LED: 14 mA
  • connections:
    connecting bolt: M6
    main electric circuit = 2x tap bolts 6.3 mm (1/4"-20), tightening torque max. 6.78 Nm (60 in-lb)
    control panel wiring (device) = 4x 6.3 mm flat plug
    control panel wiring (remote) = 8x 6.3 mm flat plug
  • max. cable cross-section: 50 mm²
  • low-voltage protection (adjustable from 11.3 to 12.1 Volts - in 0.2V intervals)
  • Measurements: 73 x 73 x 66 mm (2.85" x 2.85" x 2.57")
  • Weight: 0,35kg (0.77 lb)
  • Advice: Battery Automatic Relay does not protect from power surge.
Settings (standard setting at 12.1 V):
Press and hold button OVERRIDE - the flashing LED shows the programming mode.
Continue rapidly:
per pressing the button OFF the setting is reduced by 0.2 V,
per pressing the button OVERRIDE the setting is increased by 0.2 V,
the frequency of flashing displays the programmed amount:
5-time flashing = 12.1 V = standard setting
4-time flashing = 11.9 V
3-time flashing = 11.7 V
2-time flashing = 11.5 V
1-time flashing = 11.3 V
To end the programming, please do not press any button for 20 seconds.
The device will change into the normal operating mode after this time.


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