Broadband 3G Radar Antenna

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See more targets - where it matters most! The new Broadband 3G™ radar antenna provides unrivaled target detection with precise target distinction at both close and far away ranges. Docks, channel markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with distinct clarity. The radar antenna emits almost no radiation - for a secure and flexible installation on any boat. Dimensions: height: 280 mm, diameter: 488 mm. Weight: 7.4 kg.
Main Features:
  • Crystal clear images
  • No radiation hazard
  • InstantOn in seconds
  • Low power consumption
  • Attach securely anywhere on board
  • Fast installation
  • Unique proximity sensing quality
  • 10 MARPA targets
  • 10 m connection cable included
30% more range
Even targets far away from your vessel will be clearly marked. Come to enjoy this device's unique ability to detect targets in your immediate vicinity (2 m) with Broadband Radar™ technology. Additionally, you can also detect more distant targets, which were previously not visible with other radar models.
Unique target detection at close range
The Lowrance Broadband Radar™ provides amazing target resolution, even in the previously unattainable range of 1/32 nautical miles. Docks, fairway markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed clearly. So that you have even more safety while passing nearby. Broadband Radar™ technology means that the major disadvantage of the pulse radar is omitted. The area in the immediate vicinity of the boat is no longer a "dead zone", in which dangers cannot be detected.
Virtually no radiation - safe, flexible installation on every boat
The Lowrance Broadband Radar™ emits only 1/10,000 of the radiation that a conventional pulse radar does. Thus, they emit 5 times less energy than an average mobile phone! Broadband 3G™ Radar devices can therefore be safely mounted in places that were not previously considered. In addition, this particular unit has the lowest power consumption out of all X-band marine radars. This makes it the first and only radar device, which is ideal for sailing boats and other fishing or recreational vessels with limited power.
Lightning-fast navigation
Never wait 2 to 3 minutes again, until the magnetron of the pulse radar device is warmed up. The 100% semiconductor design of the Broadband 3G™ radar with InstantOn™ provides you with the ability to navigate in seconds. Whether in the dark, in the fog or during storms - you will always be ready. Ideal for sailboats and other vessels that want to save energy - particularly when they are moored.

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