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Brand New! The Cardio First Angel, the lifesaver after a heart attack, for use within the first 15 minutes before the doctor arrives - for proper and effective first aid!

For proper and effective first aid
With its small weight of only 130 grams, the Cardio First Angel fits into any pocket and is always ready for the worst case scenario. A true lifesaver within the crucial first few minutes after cardiac arrest. Its cardiac massage ensures the necessary pressure, the effective frequency and the correct positioning.
The Cardio First Angel was developed in collaboration with a cardiologist.

Afer a heart attack occurs, every second counts!
After the heart stops beating, the brain is no longer supplied with a sufficient amount of oxygen, often leading to irreparable damage - unless the patient receives a proper cardiac massage immediately. With the Cardio First Angel, bystanders can quickly and efficiently perform chest compressions without making any costly mistakes.

The Cardio First Angel automatically performs a cardiac massage where it is most effective. A positioning aid is provided to ensure accuracy. The device is placed in the middle of the chest and a drawing on the pushbutton indicates where the hands should be placed. But how firmly should we press? The Cardio First Angel also provides this safety measure as well. If enough force is applied, a loud clicking sound can be heard and felt. Afterwards, a second click will be heard, which means pressure must be reapplied. The two click sounds help the operator apply properly timed chest compressions.

What to do in case of an emergency?
1. Call emergency services
2. Use the Cardio Angel First (CFA) within the first 3 minutes
3. Place the CFA on the middle of the sternum (see the drawing on the push-button), so that it is automatically set in the correct position
4. Immediately begin chest compressions. The CFA "clicks" when it reaches the correct pressure and "clacks" upon relief of the pressure. If we focus on this click-clack sequence, we can reach the correct frequency of 100-120 compressions per minute.
5. Continue this until the ambulance arrives to tend to the victim

Ideal usage
Purely mechanical - without electricity or battery - the Cardio First Angel is ready for immediate use. Its operation is straightforward and explained in an internationally understandable pictogram.

Ideal positioning
The special shape of Cardio First Angel ensures the proper positioning on the patient's chest - so that the chest compressions are applied precisely where needed. A special foam insert provides a soft contact surface and absorbs sweat.

Ideal effort
The optimum pressure of 41 kg for chest compressions is signaled by a loud click from the built-in spring. This can also be heard during the subsequent relief of pressure as well. Thus, the first responder has a timeframe to work with, in order to achieve a rate of 100 compressions per minute.


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Pierre L.
por Pierre L. Bandera nacional de Francia 17/8/2016 Compra verificada
Bonne idée pour ce produit!
Nombreux avis positif sur le net et nombreuses vidéos de démonstration.
Boitier de protection facile à poser (dans le coffre de mon Citroën Berlingo, à coté de ma valise de secours).
Mais le couvercle saute un peu trop facilement! La forme et la couleur sont bien vues (cœur). Il manque un autocollant plus informatif (assistant de massage cardiaque par exemple).
Intuitif, pictogrammes très compréhensif par des novices. Une formation au secourisme est tout de même un plus.

Pierre (S.S.T. sauveteur secouriste du travail)
Peter E.
por Peter E. Bandera nacional de Alemania 3/6/2016 Compra verificada
Ich hoffe, ich werde den Herzmassagehelfer nie benötigen.
Judith S.
por Judith S. Bandera nacional de Alemania 20/5/2016
Immer auf den Ernstfall vorbereitet sein!
Ich habe mir dieses Produkt gekauft um im Ernstfall vorbereitet zu sein und schnell handeln zu können. Ich hoffe es nie anwenden zu müssen aber für den Preis kann man vor allem an Bord, wo der Arzt nicht mal eben mit dem Krankenwagen vorbeikommen kann lieber einmal mehr ausgerüstet sein.

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