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Maritime leisurewear from Scandinavia. SEARANCH leisurewear for men and women is designed for modern, stylish but also classic people who like to dress practically and appreciate clothing with longevity in quality and style. The classic Breton striped shirts and Troyers are still popular and represent the cornerstone of the SEARANCH clothing collection year after year. The SEARANCH brand has been around since 1995, is based in Denmark and currently sells in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the UK. At SVB you can also buy SEARANCH functional underwear and sailing bags in our online shop.
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A trio of sailing mates led to the founding of Marinepool during the early nineties in Munich. They lived by the motto "From sailors, for sailors" and this turned out to be exactly right. During their early years, the brand mainly consisted of sailwear, outdoor products and life jackets for sports and recreation. The demand for sailing fashion soon led to the creation of a fashion line for the nautical lifestyle. Every new product is optimised, down to the smallest detail before being introduced on the market. More than 25 years of experience and valuable feedback from the professionals on the Marinepool Racing Team guarantee functional, light and comfortable clothing.
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Company founder Keith MUSTO first found fame when he won a medal in the 1969 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. As an entrepreneur, MUSTO had previously manufactured sails, but since then he has specialised in performance-optimised sailwear, which is reflected in constant development and technical precision work. MUSTO sailwear is characterised by its durability and is suitable for many areas. From offshore to powerboat to regatta use. MUSTO clothing for every adventure!
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SEATEC - elija calidad a buen precio. SEATEC es la marca propia de SVB y fue fundada en 1998 para satisfacer las necesidades de los entusiastas de los deportes náuticos - todo ello a los mejores precios con la calidad más alta del mercado.
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