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The Mastervolt MASS COMBI offers the most advanced technology combined in one compact package. The COMBI devices combine sine wave inverter and battery charger in one housing. Due to the space-saving design and easy installation, the devices are perfectly suitable for use on yachts and mobile homes. Every component has been designed for safe and durable operation, from electronics to connectivity, from the cooling system to the design. The units come standard with a built-in master switch (switching shore power – vehicle's electrical system), a connection for other devices via MasterBus and they come completely with masterlink monitor remote control (12/4000, 24/2000 and 24/4000). The masterlink monitor shows exactly how much energy is used and how much charge is delivered to the batteries.
The unique power-support mode, the Mastervolt COMBI is able to generate additionally 230 volt power out of the vehicle's electrical system when the shore power is secured low. Example: 230 V shore connection is protected with 6 amps. But you need 10 amps as starting current to run an air conditioner or something similar – the missing 230 V / 4 amps are now generated out of your 12/24 volt vehicle's electrical system.
For charging the starter battery, the integrated charger has an additional 5 amps output. Charging characteristic IUoUo, adjustable for lead-acid / GEL / AGM etc. batteries.
Note: type 12/2500-100 and type 24/2500-60 are supplied with MasterBus Combi interface. For all other models, a MasterBus Combi Interface is available separately.


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