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Whether on the sea, the beach, on board, or while fishing - the RESTUBE BASIC Safety Buoy gives you more freedom and safety.
For activities on the water
This simple bag is worn on the belt. It is reduced to purely basic functionality, which makes it perfect for water activities with the family, as well as fishing and canoeing.
The RESTUBE buoy is absolutely key
The buoy has a buoyancy of 75N, which corresponds to weight over 7 kg. This amount will support your body enough that it will stay afloat. RESTUBE helps, no matter how large or heavy you are. If you are wearing heavy clothing, such as shoes, you should take them off just in case. The buoy can also inflated manually with your mouth. It is also easy to stow it away in its compact bag. You can also wave the RESTUBE around in the air and thereby draw attention to yourself. The robust material from which the RESTUBE buoy is constructed, corresponds to the lifejacket standard of DIN EN ISO 12402. You can be reassured that RESTUBE will keep you safe in all conditions. Each buoy is individually tested for leakage.
100% Quality - Developed in Germany
Every detail of the RESTUBE buoy was developed in Germany. Together with research institutions, experts from a variety of water sports and professional rescuers developed RESTUBE technology for specific areas of operation.
Small, lightweight and reusable
By screwing a new gas cartridge on to the RESTUBE buoy, it makes it completely reusable. The original 16g CO2 cartridges do not rust and they are all checked for their gas levels trigger functions. With dimensions of: 14 x 7 x 5 cm and a weight of just 270 grams, the RESTUBE is your ideal companion for all activities on the water.
Horizontal and vertical mounting
The RESTUBE CLASSIC can be attached either horizontally or vertically on to your belt. If you wear it vertically on the middle of your back (trigger facing downwards), you can minimize water resistance while swimming. Due to its light weight and comfortable design, many often forget that they are carrying the RESTUBE on their person.
Always keep the most important items with you
The RESTUBE CLASSIC has a cover and a section for keys or coins (not-waterproof). So that you always have your important items on your side.

The RESTUBE works as easy as...
  1. Pull the trigger. It's simple: pull the trigger once vigorously, as soon as you want the RESTUBE to inflate.
  2. The RESTUBE inflates by itself. The RESTUBE inflates in just a few seconds with its CO2 cartridge.
  3. You are now stable in the water. You can support yourself on the inflated RESTUBE and keep your head above water.

Technical data:
Material Nylon/TPU
Country of origin Germany
Dimensions 15 x 6 x 5 cm
Weight 295 g

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