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Plywood Cutting

Plywood Cutting

Plywood Cutting

Refined wood. Due to the specific strength of plywood panels, they are not just perfect for the interior fittings of ships, but also for mobile homes or for the four walls of your home. They are constructed out of at least three layers of glued wood, which makes them very robust, yet lightweight.

Applicable in many areas of use
Through the fiber orientation and type of bonding, the directional properties of this material, such as its swelling behavior over the entire plane of the panel is evenly distributed. We offer excellent, high-quality marine plywood with decorative veneer finishes in different types of wood and in two different qualities.

A/B veneer: usable on both sides
A/C veneer: usable on one side

Quality A: best quality, same color, finest structure
Quality B: good quality, slight color variations and structural changes permitted
Quality C: Okumé plywood

Wood is a natural product, so it may come in batches which have slight variations in color.
Price per m²

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