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Cooling Units

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Product image of ISOTHERM ASU-System
1099.95 EUR 1.219,75 € desde 1.099,95 €
Cooling Units
Product image of DOMETIC Cooling Units
ColdMachine Series 50 Sets
Product image of DOMETIC ColdMachine Series 50 Sets
Series 80 ColdMachine
Product image of DOMETIC Series 80 ColdMachine
DOMETIC Series 80 ColdMachine
539.95 EUR 649,00 € desde 539,95 €
Series 90 ColdMachine
Product image of DOMETIC Series 90 ColdMachine
DOMETIC Series 90 ColdMachine
629.95 EUR 735,00 € desde 629,95 €
Compact SP - System
Product image of ISOTHERM Compact SP - System
ISOTHERM Compact SP - System
929.95 EUR 1.061,48 € por solo 929,95 €
Compact Classic System
Product image of ISOTHERM Compact Classic System
CS-NC15 Compact Cooling Unit
Product image of DOMETIC CS-NC15 Compact Cooling Unit
Click-on Bracket
Product image of ISOTHERM Click-on Bracket
ISOTHERM Click-on Bracket
45.95 EUR 51,88 € por solo 45,95 €
Smart Energy Control Kit
Product image of ISOTHERM Smart Energy Control Kit
ISOTHERM Smart Energy Control Kit
169.95 EUR 193,97 € por solo 169,95 €

Cooling Units

SP cooling
The SP unit is cooled directly by the outside water. Since neither a fan nor pump is required to dissipate the heat generated by the compressor, it consumes much less battery power and operates remarkably quietly. It makes use of the natural pumping movement that takes place in the SP on-board outlet to the sink in the pantry.

ASU system
The Isotherm ASU system provides maximum cooling capacity of the batteries. It detects when excess energy from the boat engine generator is present and increases the speed of the compressor to quickly cool down the cold battery.

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