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	ChargeMaster is the beginning of a new generation of fully automatic battery loaders. You can load three separate batteries simultaneously with this multifunctional battery charger. Several models available
ChargeMaster 12/35-3
MASTERVOLT's ChargeMaster guarantees the user with a reliable and quiet power supply. With MASTERVOLT, you have continuous power which you can always rely on!
MASTERVOLT ChargeMaster 12/35-3
579.95 EUR En stock por solo 579,95 €
Mass Combo Ultra 12 V / 24 V inverter / charger combination
The Mastervolt inverter / charger combo solution "Mass Combi Ultra", available in 12V and 24V version offers a smart transfer system, a MPPT solar charge regulator and a separate second charger.
Charger / Inverter MASS COMBI 12 V / 2200 VA

	A worry-free power supply for all types of use! MASS COMBI: Battery charger, inverter and support functions in a single device.
Battery charger EasyCharge

	With a series of small Chargers Mastervolt expanded its offer for the entry level. The larger version is suitable for both the 12 Volt and 24 Volt operation, delivering 10 A charging current.
EasyCharge PORTABLE Battery Charger 1.1 A
This battery charger is for gel, AGM and wet cell batteries and is intended for use on small vessels. Its case is sealed and meets IP65 standards, making it water jet and splash-water resistant, which is perfect for rough conditions on board.
EasyCharge PORTABLE Battery Charger 4.3A
The portable Easy Charge battery charger provides people who travel frequently with a robust solution which can be used on: boats, cars, motorcycles and caravans.
ALPHA PRO MB Charge Regulator
The ALPHA PRO MB charge regulator maximizes the output of alternators and ensures fast and safe charging. Useable for all regulators with BOSCH connections, suitable for 12 V and 24 V.
MAGIC / DC-DC Converter/Charger
The tension necessary for the direct current can vary strongly on board. A bow thruster or a deck winch installation is mostly operated with 24 V. Navigation and the communication equipment needs mostly 12 V. Halogen bulbs are pleasent only, if they can can be dimmed.
Bosch Adapter Cable for ALPHA PRO MB
Bosch adapter cable, suitable for the Mastervolt ALPHA PRO MB charger. For connecting the charger to any charging controller with standard Bosch connectors.

Cargadores QUICK

NRG LOW Switch-Mode Battery Charger

	Optimized ventilation system, very quiet! The new devices in the NRG LOW product range are used where a small amount of power is needed.
Switch-Mode Battery Charger NRG MED/HIGH
More power and more comfort! The data is available locally on a screen and an optional remote display can be connected for availability of the data anywhere on board.
Remote Display RDS1520 digital
These remote displays allow medium and high power battery chargers to be monitored through the CAN BUS interface. Power consumption 100-120 mA, 12/24 Volt.
QUICK Remote Display RDS1520 digital
114.95 EUR En stock 158,95 € por solo 114,95 €
Remote Display RDSRDS1530 digital

	These remote displays show the operating status of chargers. The connection to the charger is analog.
QUICK Remote Display RDSRDS1530 digital
216.95 EUR En stock por solo 216,95 €
Remote Display RDS1540 digital

	These remote displays allow medium and high power battery chargers to be monitored through the CAN BUS interface. Power consumption 100-120 mA, 12/24 Volt.
Temperature Sensor for Charger

	Temperature sensor for battery chargers, ideally suited for SEATEC switch mode marine charger STC 500.
QUICK Temperature Sensor for Charger
19.95 EUR En stock por solo 19,95 €
QUICK Temperatur-Kontroll Set
Das QUICK Temperatur-Kontroll Set für QUICK NRG MED/HIGH (Medium- und High-Power-) Ladegeräte kann die Temperatur von bis zu 4 Batterien erfassen und ermöglicht diesen Geräten eine optimierte und bedarfsgerechte Regelung der Ladespannung. Das Set besteht aus der Interface-Box KTB4 und einem KTBS Temperatursensor. Weitere Temperatursensoren sind optional erhältlich.

Cargadores WAECO

PerfectCharge MCA1215 Charger
The PerfectCharge MCA 1215 has two battery outputs, so it can simultaneously charge one battery plus the starter battery. And very gently too, using advanced 6-step charging technology. 
PerfectCharge MCA Charger
Smart technology with six-step IU0U charging characteristics for faster charging! Faster charging to full capacity, faster installation, and faster decision-making, too, because of the favourable price.
MCA-RC1 Remote Control
Remote control for your MCA series PerfectCharge charger.
MCA-TS1 Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensor for your MCA series PerfectCharge charger.

Cargadores - varios

Remote Control with Display for B2B-Charger
Remote control with operation display for PRO BATT ULTRA Series battery-to-battery chargers. Comes with a connection cable (approx. 10 m).
CTEK - Battery Charger MXS-class

	The CTEK chargers of the MXS series are sophisticated, microprocessor controlled battery chargers with built-in, automatic temperature compensation (only MXS 5.0). The chargers solve various battery problems and they are ideal for daily use.
BLUE SEA - Charger P12

	Top quality all along the line! Robust chargers of BLUE SEA for simultaneous and careful charging of three battery packs.
SP HANDY Mobile Phone Charger
Ideal for the boat, caravan or car. Suitable for all battery types (acid, gel, AGM). With 4-step charging characteristic IUoU. Recommended battery size: 4-240 Ah.
Charger Class M

	Excellent marine chargers – the chargers offer a complete battery maintenance for small, medium and large boats with 12 V batteries, which are used as starter and service batteries. Available in three different versions.
CTEK Charger Class M
149.95 EUR En stock desde 149,95 €
Portable Power Station and Jump-Start Device
The handy and powerful Li-Ion polymer battery has a capacity of 20,000 mAh. Enough output to even start cars and motorcycles!

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