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CONTURA V Switch Panel

	CONTURA II series switch panels are suitable for CONTURA series waterproof switches by CARLINGSWITCH.
Removal tool for rocker switches

	With this tool switches can be easily disassembled.
Rocker Switch
This rocker switch is suitable for the following panels: article numers 10164 - 10168. The switch is equipped with an indirect illumination (12 V), the housing is made of black plastic. Capacitiy 10 A. 6.3 mm fast-on connector.
3.70 EUR En stock por solo 3,70 €
Toggle Switch

	Plastic toggle switch with front panel On/Off. Load capacity up to 12 V / 5 A. Flat plug connector: 6.3 mm.
Toggle Switch
3.95 EUR En stock por solo 3,95 €
Toggle Switch / Button
Strong switch and button with metal/plastic housing. An additional waterproof rubber cover is available separately. Capacity: 10 amps / 12 volts. Available in various versions.
Push Button, plastic
Push button, made of plastic. Suitable for horns, starter buttons, wiper switches, etc. Colour: black. Available with or without a cap.
Push Button, plastic
8.95 EUR En stock por solo 8,95 €
Pushbutton / Pull Switch, chrome-plated
Made of brass. Chromed head. Capacity 10 A / 12 V (push button) / 20 A / 12 V (pull switch).
CARLING SWITCH - Sealed Rocker Switches
Completely water and dustproof switches, suitable for unlimited outdoor and indoor use. Available in various types.
CONTURA II Switch Panels

	CONTURA II series switch panels are suitable for CONTURA series waterproof switches by CARLINGSWITCH.
CARLING SWITCH - Rocker Switch Modular Brackets
We offer shapely installation frames for the Contura series switches. These frames are available in various types and they can be almost endlessly strung together.
Terminal Block
Connection block for switches / push buttons with SVB article numbers: 20620-20624.
Terminal Block
6.95 EUR En stock por solo 6,95 €
Red Pilot Lamp
Control light with corrosion resistant plastic holder. Available with red illumination. 12 or 24 volts. With bulb BA9S / 2 watt.
Red Pilot Lamp
6.95 EUR En stock por solo 6,95 €
LED - Control Lamp

	These control lamps with mounting of chrome plated brass is equipped with a powerful LED.
CAN PLASTIC LED - Control Lamp
19.95 EUR En stock por solo 19,95 €
Indicator Lamps
Indicator Lamps with chrome-plated brass bezel. Available with green lamp. 12V
Indicator Lamps
5.95 EUR En stock desde 5,95 €
CARLINGSWITCH - Electronic Dimmer

	This dimmer is well suited for instrument and interiour lighting. It provides a switching capacity of 10 amps at 12 volts.
Switch ON-ON / 2-pole
Carlingtech ON-On switch, 2-pole. With neutral LED.
DC-Dimmer - 24 V

	Especially for the Berker series: the DC voltage dimmer wit a special safety function for halogen. Capacity max. 60 Watt.
DC-Dimmer - 24 V
99.95 EUR En stock por solo 99,95 €
Ignition Switch
OEM quality! This professional ignition switch allows preheating for diesel engines. Also suitable for gasoline engines. Comes supplied with two keys.
Ignition Switch
76.95 EUR En stock desde 76,95 €
Surface Mount Switches
Ideal switch for lights and small consumers. Available in two versions: with one or two switches. The switches have each three connectors (toggle switch). Front panel made of polished brass or stainless steel.
Berker INTEGRO FLOW rotatable dimmer. Stand-by current: 3 mA, for 12V light- and halogen bulbs, 10-60 W. With soft adjustment, push-switch and pulse control. Short-circuit proof, with electronic fuse.
FRILIGHT smart dimmer switch
Stylish dimmer for the brightness control of halogen lamps. Comfortable soft-touch operation. Available with brass-colored, chrome-colored or white frame.

	Installation program for highest demands - modern design, easy installation, compact size. The Berker Integro frames are available as single or double version in different colors.

	The Berker Integro installation program meets highest demands! The rocker switches offer modern design and compact dimensions. Available as single or double rocker switches in different colors.
INTEGRO FLOW Rocker Switch
BERKER INTEGRO FLOW rocker switch with the following functions: off/switch, with screw terminals. Usable as an on/off switch, toggle switch, selector switch.
INTEGRO FLOW USB / Cigarette Lighter Socket
Suitable for Berker INTEGRO FLOW series, this USB socket (5 V) is an ideal "charging station" for your mobile phone. The cigarette lighter socket functions in either 12 V and 24 V systems.
INTEGRO FLOW Surface Mounting Case
Stylish colours for an attractive interior design! The housings meet highest standards. They are available in two versions: flat or high design, each in different fashionable colours.
INTEGRO FLOW Socket Outlet

	Sockets with screw terminals – more safety on board. The socket outlets have a depth of 32.7 mm and an outer dimension of 55.5 x 55.5 mm. Available in various colors.
INTEGRO FLOW Surface Mounting Spacer Ring
The high quality surface-mounting spacer rings allow reducing the depth of recess for mounting switches and sockets.
INTEGRO FLOW Frames with Hinged Lid

	This frames with hinged lid meet the highest standards and contribute to an attractive interior design. They are suitable for covering electrical outlets. Available in different fashionable colors.
INTEGRO FLOW Panel Jack with Contact Protection
Panel Jack with pull relief. Colour: grey. Suitable for switches and outlets.
BOSCH - Relay
One of the greatest advantages of relays is the galvanic isolation of control and load.
13.95 EUR En stock desde 13,95 €
Receptacle Housing
Receptacle housing for your relay with T-bar.
Foot switch, white
Compact foot switch for mounting on the deck. A protective cover prevents accidental operation. Available with "Up" or "Down" inscription.
QUICK Foot switch, white
17.95 EUR En stock desde 17,95 €
Foot switch, black
Compact foot switch for mounting on the deck. A protective cover prevents accidental operation. Available with "Up" or "Down" inscription.
Foot Switch / stainless steel
This compact foot switch is ideal for mounting on deck. The switch is equipped with a protective flap to prevent accidental operation.

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