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Excellent fan power! When the 4kW diesel heater was designed, great attention was paid to its efficient fan effect. In addition to the efficiency of its fan, this unit's brushless blower combustion and high quality main fan provide a long lifespan.

The laminar combustion process projects zero combustion noise through the exhaust pipe. Thus, your boating neighbors will be able to enjoy peace and quiet.
If a hot air duct is attached at the front of the vessel, the heating capacity is sufficient even for boats up to 15 meters long.

The 40Dt can be installed in the engine compartment, thanks to the two air intakes, which draw in fresh air as well as enhance the heating effect. This is the result of fresh air being supplied from the outside, and for better heat circulation, cabin air from the inside.

This 4 kW diesel heater offers a highly efficient fan effect. Two air intakes provide fresh air and increase the heating effect. The power consumption is 1.0 to max. of 3.9 A. Control panel with thermostat included.

  • Heating capacity: approx. 1500 - 4000 W
  • Fuel: Diesel oil
  • Power consumption: 12 V / 1.0 to 3.9 A
  • Fuel consumption: 0.2 - 0.4 l/h
  • Heating air volume: 88-147 m³/h
Color explanation:
  • Black: Product
  • Blue: Assembly accessories
  • Red: Special accessories

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Bandera nacional de Noruega
Viking Spirit ALL YEAR - thanks to Wallas 40Dt
All Year on the West Coast of Norway.

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