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DOMETIC - CombiCool RF60 / 50 mbar
61 l
Voltaje de funcionamiento
12 V, 230 V
Corriente nominal
9,2 A
Iluminación interior
Ancho de instalación
486 mm
Altura de instalación
615 mm
Profundidad de instalación
490 mm
26 kg
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Dometic's freestanding refrigerator has a cooling capacity of 61 liters and is suitable for operation with 12 V DC and 230 V AC power supplies or with gas. Its powerful 3-way absorber system ensures constant and quiet cooling performance. This unit has piezo ignition. The robust housing is made from a coated steel sheet, the bezel is made out of aluminum. Well thought-out details such as the bottle rack, which can accommodate 1.5-liter bottles, complete this unit. This refrigerator has a cooling capacity of up to 30° C below the ambient temperature. Caution: This unit is not suitable for operation on sail boats / in a strong bank. Gas operation is permissible only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 486 x 615 x 490 mm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Power: 230 V AC or 12 V DC: 110 W
  • Gas consumption: Butane 14.8 g/h Propane, 9.5 g/h
  • Gas pressure: 50 mbar
  • For free-standing use (no installation)
Refrigerators with absorbtion technology allow for both gas and electric operation, however, they have higher energy requirements than some other units, such as compressor refrigerators.
Therefore, when looking to use a device that uses absorbtion,you need to think about which energy sources will be available for use. It is wise to consider battery capacity as well!

An example:
DOMETIC indicates a consumption of 1.9 kWh/day for equipment operating on a 12 V DC vehicle electrical system.
Let's see the battery capacity required if the device is operated solely by the battery.
The following calculation will show us this exactly:
1900 watt hours / day: 12 Volt = approximately 158 Ah / day.
A battery is generally designed so that it is discharged to only 50%. If the battery is only used to power the refrigerator and no other additional devices, a required capacity of
158 Ah x 2 results = approximately 316 Ah PER DAY!!!
This shows that the use of different energy sources is useful.

The device has no built-in discharge protection. We recommend the additional use of a battery monitor to protect the battery from unwanted discharge.


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