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DSP 1212C Sine Wave Inverter and Charger / incl. DSP-EM remote control

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1.249,95 € IVA incluido, gastos de transporte excluido.

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núm. de modelo
DOMETIC - DPS 1212C Sine Wave Inverter and Charger
284 mm
405 mm
118 mm
4,8 kg
Charger type
Charger/inverter combined
Battery type
Lead/Acid, AGM, GEL
Charging Current
50 A
Battery Capacity
100 - 500 Ah
Charging outputs
Battery nominal voltage
12 V
220-240 V AC
Integrated fan
Temperature sensor can be connected
Power Lead
Integrated charging cable
Optional remote display/operation

Detalles del producto

The SinePower DSP-C devices provide maximum independence from the external AC power supply. With their innovative combination of charger and inverter in a compact and lightweight design, they support all kinds of vehicle supply thanks to an innovative energy management system. 
The devices operate as either 230 V sine wave inverters or battery chargers with a 4-stage IU charging characteristic, or in power sharing mode, they can supply power to 230 V devices and charge the battery at the same time. In generator mode (mains voltage function), it supports the 230 V on-board power supply with energy from the battery if the mains voltage supply is insufficient.
An integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronization ensures a smooth switch over between mains and inverter power. If the external 230 V grid fails completely, the inverter switches on immediately, generates a pure sinusoidal 230 or 240 V alternating voltage from the 12 V battery power and supplies the connected devices with it. 
A maximum output of 1200 W is available and enables coffee machines, microwaves and many more devices to be operated trouble-free. 
When no 230 V power supply is required, an intelligent standby mode saves energy while maintaining full flexibility and configuration capability. 
A temperature and load-controlled fan provides noise-reduced cooling. Integrated protection prevents damage from overloading, overheating, over and under-voltage. The practical DSP-EM remote control (incl. connection cable) is used to control, configure and display basic functions and important parameters. Compatible with EURO6 vehicles and CI/LIN bus.

  • Possible operating modes
    • 230 V sine wave inverter with mains priority switch and Softstart for devices with high initial currents
    • Battery charger with 4-stage IUOU charging characteristics, suitable for charging lead / acid, gel, AGM and lithium batteries (LiFePO4 DOMETIC eStore)
    • Power sharing, powers connected 230 V devices while charging a battery
    • Generator (mains voltage) function, the device provides support for a low-fused external 230-V mains voltage with energy from the battery. Battery voltage is converted and added to the 230V mains power.
  • Intended for use in vehicle TN networks.
    In this case, connect the neutral conductor of the AC output to the vehicle ground, an earth leakage circuit breaker MUST be installed on the AC output of the device.
Assembly instructions for DC connection
Keep cables as short as possible (<1 m) and use copper cables with the following minimum cross-sections.

Cable Cross Section
DSP1212C 25 mm² > 200A

Technical data
DSP 1212C
Input voltage 12V (10.5 - 16V)
Output voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz
240V AC / 60Hz
Operating temperature -20 to + 60 ° C
Mains priority circuit 16 A / 250 V AC
Continuous power 1200 W
Peak performance 2400 W
Max. charging current 50 A
Energy consumption 3.0 A (idling)
<0.2 A (standby)
Product dimensions 405 x 284 x 118 mm
Weight 4.8 kg



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