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The GX2200 by STANDARD HORIZON is the first compact Class D DSC radio system with integrated GPS and AIS receiver. The integrated 66-channel GPS antenna provides a reliable reception of the GPS position.The received GPS data can be used via the NMEA 0183 interface. The built-in VHF splitter allows the VHF and AIS receiver with only a single FM antenna.

The large 1.8 "LCD screen of the GX2200 displays all received AIS targets clearly. This allows the user not only the identification of the other ships of the received MMSI, but also the determination of each course of the target. The display will also tell you instantly about the MMSI number, call sign, ship name, bearing, distance, speed over ground and course over ground of the selected target. Furthermore an alarm can be activated in case of dangerous approach (CPA alarm adjustable).
For fast and accurate communication, an automatic DSC-call can be sent to a selected AIS target. The big advantage is that you do not have to enter the 9-digit MMSI number of the selected ship. It is sufficient to select the target on the AIS screen, then press the call button.
Of course you can connect your existing plotter via NMEA connection to the radio, so AIS targets are sent to the plotter (please note that your plotter needs to support the AIS function for this). In addition the GX2200 offers the possibility to switch the baud rate of the GPS input and DSC / AIS output. This is very useful in particular if your plotter has only one NMEA 0183 port.
Due to its integrated GPS antenna, the GX2200 is a highly useful navigational aid and up to 100 waypoints can be stored. These waypoints can be selected and controlled with the help of the compass display.
In case a pressure chamber loudspeaker is connected, the device can also be used as a counter / intercom. A full-fledged second operator unit (CMP30) can be connected to the GX2200 radio. This waterproof handset is ideal for mounting on the outside steering position, at the tiller or cockpit. If a second control device is connected even an intercom function is possible. You can thus make "calls" between the devices.
  • built-in AIS receiver
  • built-in GPS receiver
  • 100 waypoints / navigation compass display
  • built-in Class D DSC receiver
  • built-in 30 watt amplifier
  • Intercom (only in combination with optional CMP30)
  • Intercom and Foghorn
  • DSC and AIS NMEA output
  • Channel scan, channel switch button- 16/9, Dual Watch
  • Control of all radio, PA/Fog-, DSC at AIS functions with CMP 30
  • Surface mount or bulkhead mounting possible
  • waterproof construction IPx7
  • Operating voltage 12 V
  • Housing color: black
The DSC or ATIS function/menu is only available in the respective channel group. Please change to the corresponding channel group to use the respective functions.

Programming notes:

This device has to be programmed with your personal data, such as MMSI and/or ATIS numbers. You may carry out programming of MMSI and ATIS numbers yourself. Relevant instructions can be found in the manual.

As an alternative, we can carry out programming for a programming fee.

If you would like us to program your device, please let us know with your order. Furthermore, please enter your MMSI / ATIS number in the 'comment' field during your order or fill out our datasheet for programming VHF radios and send it to:

If additional channels (e.g. dutch channels 30, 31 and 37) are to be programmed, we charge a programming fee. The fee is only charged once per device.

The application for MMSI and ATIS numbers can be found under Service/Downloads.


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