BF 2.3 LCHU Outboard Motor / Long Shaft / Manual Start

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HONDA Outboard motor BF2.3 LCHU
2,3 HP
Tipo de accionamiento
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Eje largo
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Caña de timón
Bobina de carga
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No admisible
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1,1 l
14 kg

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Reliable, quiet and equipped with ergonomic handle!
With the ultra-light BF2.3, you can enjoy the Honda feeling anytime, anywhere. The BF 2.3 is a lightweight four-stroke motor with a rotary tiller and gas integrated centrifugal clutch. The operation is very practical: it can be operated with one hand. With the large ergonomic handle, the motor can also be easily carried and transported. In addition, the BF 2.3 provides an excellent power / weight ratio for its category.

Quick and simple
Hitch the boat trailer, load your Honda BF2.3 into the trunk and off you go.

Fun made easy!
While you are on the go, you will be surprised how much fun you can have with this small Honda motor. Unlike 2-stroke motors, 4-stroke motors are very quiet. In addition, they are more efficient and they do not mix oil and gas, so they are also more environmentally friendly. During your excursion on a lake or river, your motor will not affect the water quality.

Small and powerful
This single-cylinder four-stroke engine rotates freely upon the first cable pull and thus makes starting easier. It is equipped with the latest technology for precise ignition control, so that the air-cooled BF 2.3 will never let you down, even during a cold start.
Lots of power: If needed, the engine is capable of generating more robust torque to move even heavier boats. Easy to operate, easy to clean, it requires little maintenance. Honda's reliability, superior fuel efficiency and low emissions are added bonuses.

Turn and take off
The centrifugal clutch allows idling without the propeller turning. If you want to take off, simply turn the throttle and the centrifugal clutch will do the rest.

Always on
For a quick change of direction, the small BF 2.3 motor can be swiveled quickly and is therefore suitable for a quick change without shifting. Simply turn the tiller handle by 180° and the boat will reverse. In this manner, you can maneuver precisely in a narrow harbor.

Pay attention to your propeller
The motor is very light and therefore easy to lift out of the water. This reduces the risk of damaging the propeller, especially in shallow waters or near the shore. A spring ensures secure engagement, when you wish to continue driving.

Take it with you wherever you go
The BF 2.3 is the lightest in its class and is very easy to transport. Thanks to the ergonomic handle at the balance point, you can easily carry the engine.

Gas control
The ergonomic tiller throttle has a comfortable grip and is equipped with a clamping device for securing the position. SImilar to cruise control, you can relax and focus on steering.

Guaranteed waterproof
Better saltwater protection by means of better corrosion protection and less maintenance! The aluminum housing is first carefully anodized in a patented double process. An epoxy primer is then applied to the glossy silver paint. To protect the engine from UV radiation, it is sealed with a resin clearcoat. A sacrificial anode provides comprehensive protection, and all connections are watertight.
  • Underwater exhaust
  • Oil level indicator
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Tank capacity: 1 liter
  • Average consumption: 0.3 L / h.
  • Starter: hand
  • Shifting system: Centrifugal clutch, 360 ° rotatable
  • Charge coil: none

Technical specifications

Engine OHV - 1 cylinder
Valves 2 valves
Capacity 57 cm³
Bore x stroke 45 x 36 mm
Max. Speed ​​range 5,000 - 6,000 rpm
Power 1.7 kw / 2.3 hp at 6000 rpm.
Cooling air cooling
Fuel supply 1 carburetor
Ignition transistor magneto
Ratio 2.42: 1
Trim and tilt settings Manually in 4 stages
Length 410 mm
Width 280 mm
Height 1,100 mm
Transom height 571 mm
Dry weight 14 kg

The BF 2.3 fulfills the Bodensee Lake Regulations 1

More Honda models are available on request.


fr-flag Manual
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