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2.643,65 € IVA incluido, gastos de envío excluidos.
Art. Núm.
Código EAN del producto
Núm. de modelo
Intellian - Satellite TV-Antenna i2 / Twin LNB
Voltaje de funcionamiento
12 V, 24 V
Diámetro del reflector
33 cm
Huella (Cobertura)
Astra 1, Astra 2, Hotbird, Hispasat, Thor, Sirius
Twin (2x)
Diámetro exterior
370 mm
38 cm
4,5 kg
Enchufe F
Número de salidas
Longitud del cable
15 m
Tipo de antena
30 W

Detalles del producto

More possibilities!
Not everyone is a sports fan and might prefer to watch a favourite soap instead of a match. No problem with a dual LNB antenna!

Don't forget that in addition to television programmes, numerous radio stations can also be received via satellite. Simply connect the audio output of your satellite receiver to your marine audio system*.
Find music for your boat party or relax with more soothing sounds.

* We have a range of FUSION marine audio systems in our shop - just search for FUSION above.
Entertainment on the highest level!
The i-Series satellite antennas by Intellian impress with their incredible reception.
Exclusive, patented technology makes watching TV on board easier and more comfortable than ever before!

Easy to install
Delivery includes everything you need for assembly and installation.
Just one very high-quality coaxial cable connects the antenna to the control unit (ACU)!
The supplied cable is 15 metres in length and fitted with high-quality F plugs on both ends.
It should be connected without modification* from the antenna to the control panel (ACU) below deck.
Configuration is easier than ever, so you can relax in no time while watching TV on board!

* unmodified = not extended/not cut/F-connector not replaced, etc..
The cable (Ø approx. 7 mm) and plug (Ø approx. 14 mm) must be fed through the deck with a deck seal!
We recommend item 14156 for this at a great price/performance ratio.
A high quality product that will allow you to run the cable safely below deck, sealed to IPX7 standards. For twin or quad LNB antennas, we recommend using 10093 or 16346. These through decks can accommodate multiple cables simultaneously.
Twin LNB
The Intellian i2 features a dual LNB. This means that you can connect two receivers to the antenna and at the same time enjoy the most diverse television or radio programmes completely independently of each other.
Enjoy your favourite programs in full HD
Every satellite in the i-series enables reception in both standard and HD quality.
Impressive power
Intellian's satellite antennas offer huge coverage, which you can rely on.
Enjoy clear, smooth TV images or listen to music through your marine audio system with pleasure, anytime, anywhere.

The animation shows the i3 with integrated GPS antenna and not fully encapsulated reflector.
iQ2: Quick and Quiet technology
Intellian's patented search algorithm finds signals in seconds, even at the edges of the satellite footprint - four to five times faster than regular antennas!

The patented Dynamic Beam Tilting technology works with a small, extremely fast rotating subreflector and follows the satellite in all 3 dimensions. It keeps the signal stable, and prevents interference, pixelation and signal dropouts.
It also reduces stepper motor activity for tracking by up to 80% (compared to conventional antennas).
When your boat is at rest and signal strength is sufficient, you can also switch the antenna to sleep mode, which completely switches off the tracking motors. This function is automatically deactivated by the antenna if required .
All so that you can enjoy the programme in peace and without annoying background noise.

User-friendly operation
With the help of the alpha-numerical display on the ACU-control unit, operating and controlling the system is especially simple.
Intuitive display indications guide you through the initial settings required with only a few buttons.
Later you will need a maximum of 2 or 3 controls, for on/off, silent mode and switching to another satellite if necessary.
. All settings can also be performed via PC/laptop (contrary to the instructions, control via the Aptus app is no longer available). The PC software is available as a CD in the accessories, apps for mobile devices are available in the well-known app stores.

  1. ON/OFF button
  2. Satellite switch
  3. Stand-By function

Integrated NMEA0183 Interface
The Intellian i2 has an integrated NMEA0183 input on the ACU for external GPS signals, i.e. the GPS data that your radio, for example, also receives.
GPS data helps to quickly locate the satellite you are looking for.
Data stored in the ACU calculates the necessary steps for horizontal alignment (azimuth) and tilt adjustment (elevation) of the antenna in a flash.

Technical data
Radome height 38 cm / 15"
Radome diameter 37 cm / 14.6"
Reflector diameter 33 cm / 13"
Weight: 4.5 kg / 9.5 lbs
Operating temperature -25 °C to +55 °C / -13 °F to +131 °F
Storage temperature -40 °C to +80 °C / -40 °F to +176 °F
Water rating IPX6
Compliance CE/FCC
Reception frequency 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
Minimum transmission power 51 dBW
Azimuth area 680°
Elevation area 10° to 80°
Ship movement Roll +/- 25°, pitch +/- 15°
Rotation speed 60 °/second
Antenna-control unit
Dimensions 17.8 x 21.7 x 5.4 cm / 7 x 8.5 x 2.1 "
Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs
GPS Interface Integrated (NMEA0183)
Power supply 9 - 30 V DC
Power consumption (amps) 30 W / Max. 50 W
Included in delivery
  • Antenna, radome, reflector, LNB
  • ACU (control unit)
  • Aptus PC-Software (CD)
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Mounting template
  • Quick instructions
  • Installation kit
    • 2x mounting brackets for ACU
    • 15 m RG6 coax cable from antenenna to control unit
      fitted with F-connectors on both ends
    • 3 m RG 6 coax cable
      fitted with F-connectors on both ends
    • 10 m DC power cable
    • 1.8 m PC cable with serial plug
    • Screws, nuts, washers

The satellite receiver is subject to certain restrictions, which cannot be overcome, even with the latest technology. Depending on the selected satellite and area of operation, there are different requirements regarding the bowl's diameter.
We recommend using ASTRA1 Mediterranean i3 / I3L antennas or larger. Please note that even weather can affect the reception quality, meaning that water and ice in the atmosphere can have a dampening effect on the system. A storm will make this much more noticeable while using smaller antenna units.


en-flag Ficha técnica
PDF, 353,46 KB
en-flag Manual
PDF, 11,15 MB
en-flag Guía rápida
PDF, 197,15 KB
de-flag Guía rápida
PDF, 2,85 MB

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Günther H.
por Günther H. Bandera nacional de Alemania 22/7/2019 Compra verificada
La antena funciona muy bien, estoy muy satisfecho.
por JEAN-PIERRE K. Bandera nacional de Francia 12/2/2023 Compra verificada
La antena es muy cara, no hace su trabajo, no deja de buscar el Satélite a los dos minutos es realmente molesto por el precio y viendo la tele imposible decepcionado y sin información en la red.
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Norman G.
por Norman G. Bandera nacional de Alemania 4/12/2022 Compra verificada
temporalmente sin resultados de búsqueda
La antena da problemas considerables en ocasiones, aunque hay una visión clara hacia el sur y no hay movimiento en el barco (fijo al muelle). La antena busca brevemente, luego espera unos buenos 2 minutos, luego una rotación de búsqueda, otro descanso de 2 minutos. ¡Sin fin! También sucede viendo la televisión cuando no hay viento en el amarre. Tanto si está conectado a través de NMEA GPS como si no.
En el medio de la huella (entre Hamburgo, Bremen y Hannover), la recepción ya es crítica en los días medio nublados (sin lluvia, pero con sol). De acuerdo con el receptor de satélite de alta calidad, el nivel de la señal a menudo cae a un nivel crítico sin razón aparente.

Además, existe el problema de que la caja negra debe configurarse o leerse con un cable SERIAL (que computadora PC portátil todavía tiene esta conexión) o mediante la aplicación Aptus. Todo el mundo es libre de buscar esta aplicación en la App Store (Apple o Android). Hay una aplicación Aptus, pero no tiene nada que ver con el producto.

Esperando una solución desde la primavera de 2022.
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