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By pressing a button, you are fully informed about the current status of the battery, the fluently battery flows, and the voltage level of the battery. The unit is permanently in contact with "its" battery and indicates and assesses any battery actions. All charging and discharging currents are counted and battery size, self-discharge, battery load etc. based on preprogrammed characteristic fields. From the measured values ​​and the size of the battery, the capacity of the battery is calculated. The result is displayed as a numerical value in ampere-hours and in percentage, as well as a clear level bar. Also the current battery voltage and the current battery power can be displayed. In addition, the voltage of a second battery can be displayed, eg for monitoring the starter battery of the vehicle.
The versatile, easy-to-use display functions, are very easy to read, even from a distance and in low light conditions –thanks to the white-lit, clear LCD display, .
The LCD battery computer has an individually programmable switching output for control, monitoring and warning purposes. Thus e.g. depending on the state of charge of the onboard battery, consumers can be automatically switched or a warning will be issued.
The pre-assembled RJ45 connection cable of 5 meters length makes the connection between the display and a robust precision measuring resistor (shunt) easy and quick. The shunt is directly connected to the negative terminal of the onboard battery. This is also where the switching output for signaling device or strong switch relays.
Features: battery voltage onboard battery (7-32 V), battery power, battery capacity in ampere-hours and percent, battery voltage starter battery (2nd battery), switching output. Dimensions: approx. 80 x 85 x 24 mm. Installation depth: approx. 66 x 72 mm.
Available in two models: 100S with 100 A measuring shunt and 200S with 200 A measuring shunt. Battery voltage: 12/24 V power consumption: 3 mA. Nominal battery capacity adjustable from 50-2000 Ah. Weight: 220 g (100S) / 240 g (200S).
Scope of delivery: display, measuring shunt, ground strap (connection to negative pole), 4x display mounting screws, drilling template, user manual (printed in German, English available as pdf).
Please note:
Contrary to what is stated in the user manual, the battery monitor does neither come with fuse mount nor with 3A fuse.

Also available as the 400-A Version upon request.


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