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The SEAGO Automatic MOB platform is an optimized way to get those who have fallen overboard back on to the ship. The bag is thrown overboard, so that those who have fallen overboard can swim up to the unit and activate it. The automatic MOB platform by SEAGO is designed so that it will inflate, no matter what position it is in.
Even heavy people can climb on to the platform and sit waiting for help to arrive, thanks to the large ballast chambers.

Advantages of the platform:
  • The person is saved from on top of the water, not from in it.
  • The person can hold on to the railing, stand up and actively participate in their rescue
  • Since the person is on top of the water, less water will soak into their clothing, making them lighter and easier to rescue
  • With a load capacity of 200 kg, heavier people can sit on the platform
  • The platform can also serve as an area of refuge for the crew of small vessels (max 2 persons), in case an emergency (such as a fire) occurs on board

The rescue platform does not replace a life raft, but functions as a useful addition on board. The crew should be familiar with its handling before departure.

  • 6 x 44 l water ballast pockets (3x above, 3x below) and tethers on both sides
  • 200 kg carrying capacity
  • Knife
  • Heaving line with ring
  • Whistle and paddle
  • Inflates within 5 sec. (ambient temperature can affect the inflation time)
  • Hose diameter: 250mm
  • Bag, pack size: 50 x 30 x 17 cm
  • 6 sided shape
  • Total weight: 15 kg

SVB is a service station. Find out more about life raft repair and maintenance here »

Attention: In order to send life rafts by air freight (to islands etc.), a special dangerous goods surcharge must be applied. SVB will provide you with a personal offer.

SVB is a maintenance point. Find out more about life raft maintenance

Find your SEAGO maintenance station worldwide here.


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