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Megapulse - Battery refresher / 12V / active from 12.9 V battery power

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Megapulse considerably extends the shelf and usable life of conventional batteries. Unlike previously known processes with pulse charging or chemical additives, nominal battery capacity is restored or maintained with a so-called battery pulser. This process is a " by-product " of satellite technology, used for years by the American military and now also in Europe. Various manufacturers offer corresponding devices. We have deliberately included MEGAPULSE in our product range, as these devices operate within a precisely defined voltage range. When a threshold value is exceeded, the pulse function is activated; when it falls below it, the unit goes into standby mode with virtually zero current consumption.

The challenge: In every lead-acid battery, sulphate builds up during discharge.

In practice, starter batteries become defective after an average of 4 years, and traction/stationary batteries are defective after an average of 7 years. In 90% of cases, sulphation leads to the death of a battery (you can find corresponding crystal images on various websites on the internet or at NOVITEC). Sulfation is produced whenever a battery is at rest and is not discharged or charged.

The solution: in principle it's simple; electronic desulphation with special pulses when charging the batteries.

The advantages: Optimum battery performance, increased system reliability, battery life up to five times longer.

Areas of application: All types of lead-acid batteries can be regenerated, even gel batteries (in this case desulphation may take a little longer). This applies to batteries used in vintage cars, motor cars, caravans, trucks, boats and work equipment - it works!

Experience: Experience indicates that there are applications with battery pulsers where an increase in battery capacity only occurs after half a year, especially with large traction batteries.

In general: The Pulser systems work depending on the battery voltage. The battery capacity influences the required working time of the pulser, i.e. the higher the capacity (Ah), the longer the desulphation takes. But remember, MEGAPULSE cannot perform miracles. Other defects, such as cell short-circuits, lead sediments at the bottom of the battery or mechanical defects cannot be repaired by MEGAPULSE.

Installation and function: Attach the battery pulser to a suitable, clean battery surface with self-adhesive Velcro strips, double-sided adhesive tape or cable ties if necessary. The red wire is connected directly to the positive battery pole, the black wire directly to the negative pole.
An indicator LED illuminates as soon as the battery pulser is in operation, i.e. emitting pulses. The pulser is automatically switched to standby mode if the batteries fall below the nominal voltage.

Closing remarks: Take a look at the reviews; many satisfied customers can testify to the use of a battery pulser!

  • On / Off Threshold
    Item 15689: 12.9 / 12.8 V, +/- 0.2 V
  • Frequency safe and stable at approximately: 8000 Hz
  • Direct connection via two single wires,
    red = PLUS, black = MINUS,
    Length approx.: 45 cm, equipped with spade lugs, fork width: 8 mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 100 x 93 x 30 mm
  • Cutouts for screw mounting,
    Pitch: 85 x 60 mm,
    Max. screw diameter: 5 mm

Note on 24-V applications
See the manufacturer's instructions in the documents.
The recommended 24V applications are found on page 2 but some extra information is needed here.
Suplementary to this:

  1. The left image is the optimal solution - any 12-volt battery is given a separate 12V-Pulser (Itm. 15689 - active from 12.9 V, or item 15692 - active from 13.6 V).
    The pulser connection cables are not connected directly to the battery.
    In this circuit, there are no external factors, which could impair the function of the pulser.
  2. In the picture on the right, possible negative aspects of the installation could impair its function.
    The use of a 24V pulser (item 15690) is only recommended if the batteries are next to each other. Inevitably, the connecting cable between the batteries will be short! This cable, including the cable lugs and battery terminals / battery connections must be very high quality and properly installed.
    In this configuration too, the pulser connection cables should not be longer than necessary.
    Why? Simple: Any transition or line resistance would be counterproductive and may limit the effectiveness of the pulser.


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Art. Núm.: 15689,15690,15692
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Art. Núm.: 15689,15690,15692
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Art. Núm.: 15689,15690,15692
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Frank F.
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Batterien halten vieeeeel länger
No es el primer pulsador que instalo. Este no es para mí. Conecté el Novitec a mis baterías de arranque desde el principio hace 8 años y todavía están en óptimas condiciones. Y eso con baterías muy baratas que compré en ese entonces. Durante este tiempo, los vecinos del barco ya han comprado el 3er juego de baterías.
François K.
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¡El producto serio regenera las baterías o más bien las nuevas protecciones por mucho más tiempo!
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¡Todo en el MEJOR orden!
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