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Glass Bridge Multifunction Display gS165 / GPS Antenna RS150 / SeaTalkNG Starter Kit

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1.999,95 € IVA incluido, gastos de transporte excluido.

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Ethernet / Network
Display size
16 Inch
Fish finder module
Operating mode
Touch screen
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Detalles del producto

Elegant and powerful
The Raymarine Glass Bridge series is a powerful chartplotter in an elegant design. The gS165 multifunction display features a fast dual-core processor and a third graphics processor for exceptionally fast image composition. The integrated WiFi and Bluetooth module allows you to connect the chartplotter to a variety of devices.

User friendly operating system
The user interface provides quick access to all important functions and incredibly easy navigation. A free software update can be installed every few months. Check the software status of your device and download the latest software so that you can use the latest functions.

Easy operation via touchscreen, remote keyboard, remote control or tablet
The powerful dual-core processor ensures smooth and fast operation. With the touch screen you can easily set waypoints, find routes and navigate safely. The multitouch function allows you to zoom in and out easily (pinch-to-zoom) with two fingers.
With WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility, you can also control the gS165 multifunction display from anywhere on board using a tablet or smartphone. Simply download the free Raymarine apps.
Add a remote control for full onboard access to the multifunction display from any location. The compatible remote keyboard RMK-10 or the RCU-3 Bluetooth remote control are optionally available. 

Control all the electronics on your ship!
The optional EmpirBus™ Digital Switching modules provide complete control of the ship's electronics via the gS series. Control the entire lighting, display the full electrical system and much more.

High compatibility and a variety of connection options
With connection options via the SeaTalkNG (NMEA2000), NMEA0183, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth data systems, a wide range of possibilities is available for integrating various encoders and instruments. 
Never miss what happens under your ship. With an optional sonar module, you can enjoy photorealistic underwater images, view amazing details of the seabed and simultaneously monitor target fish. Radar antennas, AIS devices, surveillance cameras and much more can also be connected to the display and viewed.
Through the HDMI output you can also connect the display to TVs or monitors. In so doing, you can always see all important navigation data wherever you are on board.

Main features at a glance
  • Intelligent 15.4 "display
  • Convinces with simplicity and performance via multi-touch
  • Fluid and fast operation thanks to dual-core processor
  • High flexibility and compatibility
  • Easy to connect to other LightHouse II multifunction displays
  • Variety of connection options
  • Possibility to operate the entire ship's electronics
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module

Technical specifications
Model Raymarine gS165
Display diagonal 15.4 "
Display resolution 1280 x 800 px
Dimensions (LxWxD) 383.2 x 284.7 x 69 mm
Installation height 8 mm
Voltage 12 or 24 volt systems
Operating mode Touchscreen (multitouch)
NMEA0183 Yes
NMEA2000 Yes, via the SeaTalkNG adapter cable to NMEA2000 Micro-C Male
SeaTalkNG Yes
Ethernet Yes
WiFi Yes
GPS Yes, via external GPS antenna RS150 (included)
Sonar Yes, compatible with the optional sonar modules CP100, CP300 and CP450C
Network sonar Yes
Radar Yes, compatible with optional radome or open slot beam antennas. Compatible with Quantum 2 only with Lighthouse 3 update
Thermal imaging Yes, compatible with a number of cameras
Autopilot Yes, operation and full integration with Evolution autopilots
Motor integration Yes, via NMEA2000 or ECI-100 Universal Engine Interface
Chart compatibility  Navionics, C-Map and Raymarine Lighthouse chart formats
Chart format microSD
Card reader External dual microSD card reader for charts and data
Multilingual Yes
Water resistance IPX6
Included gS165, GPS Antenna RS150, RCR-2 Remote Card Reader, SeaTalkNG Starter Kit, Cover, Mounting Hardware, 1.5m Power Cable, 2m Video Cable, 2m RayNet Cable, External Alarm, 1m SeaTalkNG Spur Cable, NMEA2000 on SeaTalkNG Adapter cables, mounting gaskets and documentation

Compatible with:

Navionics Gold Navionics Platinum

Find your matching nautical chart with the nautical chart finder now »

Chart module:

SD / Micro SD
C-Card MAX orange
C-Card NT + black

Compatible with the following nautical charts:

C-MAP 4D C-MAP 4D Full C-MAP 4D Continental Navionics + Navionics Platinum +

Nautical chart features:

Card system Vector maps Raster / paper charts Easy- / Autorouting Tide display Satellite images High-resolution depth lines
C-MAP 4D Full
C-MAP 4D Continental
Navionics +
Navionics Platinum +


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