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The LED bar provides very bright warm white, dimmable light. It consists of a rigid aluminum profile with clear plastic disc and is equipped with USB ports – so you can connect multiple strips together. The package includes 2 stainless steel clamps for mounting and a 75 cm long creamy white cord with a switch. The switch is located in the middle of the cable.

Easy and quick installation: the stainless steel brackets have to be fixed with a small screw on the mounting surface, then the bar is pressed into the brackets - that's it!
In addition, a matching 12 V power supply with 4 or 8 amps is available (8 amps, we recommend when you want to connect more than 5x SHINESTAR 60).
Our tip: Did you ever want to operate marine electrics like plotters, radios, etc. at home and failed because of a missing battery? Then the 12 volt power supplies are perfect.

  • 430 lumens
  • 10-30 V DC, 5 watts (<0.5 Amps at 12V)
  • length: 30 cm / length with connector: 34 cm
  • width: 20 mm / width, including mounting brackets: 22 mm
  • height: 8 mm / height, including mounting brackets: 11 mm
  • 750 lumens
  • 10-30 volts DC, 8 watts (<0.7 Amps at 12V)
  • length: 60 cm / length with connector: 64 cm
  • width: 20 mm / width, including mounting brackets: 22 mm
  • hight: 8 mm / height, including mounting brackets: 11 mm
The lamp will not work when it is connected with a USB-A / mini USB cable to the computer or USB-A power supply, because the output voltage there is only 5 V DC and the Shine Star requires 12 V DC.
Contrary to the packaging Note, care must be taken when connecting that the polarity is correct.
Do not worry, with reverse polarity the lamp remains undamaged, just will not turn on.
The connection can be via a DC-hollow plug (5.5 x 2.1 x 10 mm or 5.5 x 2.5 x 10 mm) supplying the required 12 V DC.
These are available in our electronic accessories section.
The range offered in the catalog 230 V AC power supplies Art. 41031 & 41032 have the matching barrel connector, the two smaller versions Art. 41017 & 41023 do not have the barrel connector.
Our tip for all those who want to remove the barrel connector from the original supplied cable, cut the connection cable * and connect the individual wires directly to 12 or 24 V DC:
In the supplied white cord are 2 wires - white = negative, red = PLUS.
(* Possible guarantee / warranty loss!)
To avoid damaging the supplied original cable, you might, for example, purchase a USB-A / mini USB cable (found at most PC supply stores) and cut and install to meet your installation requirements.
** Caution - The LED's used in the Shine Star are very bright, for best results make sure they are aimed at the area to be illuminated and not towards the usual line of vision.


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