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Wind generator SILENTWIND Pro / 12 V

Detalles del producto

The generator, developed by sailors for sailors, delivers particularly high performance even at low wind speeds and is suitable for all climate zones. Its stable alignment, even in heavy seas and high-quality, encapsulated, seawater-resistant bearing and the CFRP whisper blades deliver extremely low noise no matter how strong the wind.
The new hybrid MPPT charge controller with external Bluetooth interface (Android and iOS compatible) and multi-stage charge is included in the delivery. In addition, a 400 watts (Wp) solar module can be connected. Own consumption amounts to only 20 mA. AGM, gel, wet and lithium batteries can be connected. A large, illuminated LCD display shows all relevant information. 

Boost function
An MPP control for small wind generators makes little technical sense. However, with an adjustable boost function it is possible to increase output in low wind conditions, and optimise output in strong winds. The adjustable boost frequency influences the detent torque so that, for example, an earlier charging cycle is guaranteed in light winds.

Bluetooth function
The controller has an illuminated LCD display on which all relevant data can be read, and information about all Bluetooth-capable Android or iOS devices can be displayed. The necessary configuration settings can also be made via the Bluetooth interface. 

Stop function
The SILENTWIND Generator Pro automatically stops when the battery is fully charged or significantly reduces the number of revolutions when switching to charge maintenance. In this way, only a small amount of power goes into the battery and self-discharge is prevented. The wind generator can be stopped by means of an external stop switch via the keyboard below the display AND via a plug-in connection supplied. An LED indicates the stop function is active.

Features at a glance
  • 3-phase, brushless alternator with powerful magnets
  • UV-resistant carbon fibre rotor blades
  • Low noise
  • External antenna for longer range
  • Extremely light weight of 6.8 kg
  • Improved performance
  • Fast start of the charging process
  • Higher resistance under strong wind
  • Universal use at low, medium and high wind speeds
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Supplied with an external hybrid MPPT charge controller with LCD display for all relevant operating data, such as W, A, V, Ah and kWh. A solar panel up to 400 Wp can additionally be connected.

Technical specifications
Generator type Powerful magnet generator, 3-phase, AC
No. of blades 3
Rotor diameter 1.15 m
Rotor blade material CFRP - hand laminated
Blade weight 150 g / blade
Nominal voltage 12V DC
Wattage 420 watts
Nominal wind speed 14.5 m / s
Start-up wind speed 2.2 m / s
Charge cycle start 2.5 m / s
Wind tunnel safety test  up to 122 km / h
Speed range 550 - 1700 rpm
Generator total weight 6.8 kg
Tube diameter 48 mm


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