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SunWare solar panels have been specifically designed for the use on motor boats, sailing yachts and lifeboats. They are also used for mobile power supplies for mobile homes, caravans and vans. Even a small solar panel, for example mounted on the sliding hatch, will charge the battery fully during the week. Other unbeatable advantages of SunWare Marine Solar Panels include:
  • Salt water resistant, frost-, heat- and UV-resistant
  • Resistant to breakage due to it rear steel support
  • The slight flexibility of the module allows direct mounting to deck surfaces up to a maximum of 3% bending
  • The design (from front to rear): Tefcel - EVA - Cells - EVA - Stainless steel support - Tefcel
  • Installation is easy: glue or screw
  • White laminate to reduce useless heating and the associated performance degradation
  • Made in Germany
Our Tip
For mobile solutions use the FOX-062 solar regulator (ideal for boats or caravans). This is adjustable to all common battery types and can charge the battery without a lot of installation work using just the cigarette lighter socket. Simple.
Note: Supplied without edge protector. The panels SW 3061 - SW 3063 (Item No. 19681 - 19683) have 2-stranded connections cables and can be connected directly to the solar regulator.
All additional models (from 36 Wp on) are equipped with 3-stranded connection cables and an external Cellprotector*. Only from the Cellprotector you have a 2-stranded cable connect to the solar regulator.
The Cellprotector is being delivered with the panel and is clearly marked in the packaging. The parallel connection of solar panels with external Cellprotector is not a problem. For that, the 2-stranded outputs of the Cellprotector are connected parallel and directed to the regulator.
A parallel connection of 3-stranded connection cables to one Cellprotector is not permissible!
The Cellprotector should be mounted in a dry environment.
*In the Cellprotector, 2 bypass diods are installed that keep the cells from overheating in case of a partial module shadowing.
It also includes a power backflow protection. Since all SunWare solar regulators are already equipped with a power backflow protection, the Cellprotector output "+" can be used.
For solar regulators without integrated power backflow protection, take the output "+ D". This one contains the power backflow protection diode.

Made in Germany!
All SunWare products are developed, tested and produced in Germany. The front cover of the modules are also made in Germany. By doing this, the high quality requirements of our products and materials can also be guaranteed.


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Art. Núm.: 19686,19687,19688,19689,19690,19637,19639,27427

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