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Pro Charge Ultra 12V / 30A Charging Device

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STERLING - Pro Charge Ultra charging device
215 mm
260 mm
90 mm
2 kg
Charger type
Battery type
Lead/Acid, AGM, GEL
Charging Current
30 A
Battery Capacity
60 - 300 Ah
Charging outputs
Battery nominal voltage
12 V
220-240 V AC
Integrated fan
Temperature sensor can be connected
Power Lead
Integrated charging cable
Optional remote display/operation

Detalles del producto

The high-quality PRO CHARGE ULTRA 12 V / 30 A charger is packed with innovative features that allows up to three batteries to be optimally charged for long battery life.

Worldwide area of application
You can either supply the device with a voltage ranging from 80 - 270 V AC and 40 - 70 Hz or with a DC voltage of 130 - 320 V DC. The PRO CHARGE ULTRA can be used worldwide and easily powered by generators.

Suitable for a wide range of battery types
The Pro Charge Ultra charger has 11 pre-programmed charging characteristics for the following battery types: Gel, AGM, maintenance-free or open, lead-acid batteries, calcium, and even LiFePO4 batteries.
If your battery is not one of the batteries listed, you can easily set and save an individual charging or trickle charging voltage characteristic via the front control panel.

Automatic desulphation / equalization
A further innovative feature is the automatic desulphation / equalisation. Every 7 - 10 days, a desulphation / equalisation and anti-stratification program is performed which prolongs the longevity of your battery.
Integrated security system

Integrated safety system
Function and charge are continuously monitored by a processor. In the event of a malfunction or faulty charging, the device switches off automatically and the panel informs of the corresponding fault. In the event of a processor error, a further safety system shuts down the unit.

Performance control and status monitoring
The digital panel on the front of the charger allows you to quickly and easily check that the battery is charging correctly and without errors. You can also check the performance of the charger.
The LED bar indicates whether the device is operating at maximum power or at which percentage power. A further 32 integrated LEDs provide information on charging and device status and on the battery type set.

Features at a glance
  • Compact design and very low weight
  • Wide AC and DC voltage input for worldwide use or generator operation
  • State-of-the-art synchronized rectification with MOSFET technology
  • Lower heat generation and efficient utilization of power
  • Overall efficiency: > 90%.
  • Processor controlled charging and monitoring
  • 11 pre-programmed IUOUO characteristics for different battery types
  • 3 separate PLUS charging outputs with common MINUS.
    (If a PLUS output is unused, it should be connected directly to a used PLUS output.) 
  • Variable fan speed ensures the lowest possible noise level
  • Programmable power reduction: 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%.
  • Material: plastic and corrosion-resistant metal
  • Protected against splash water (IP22)

Technical specifications
Nominal voltage 12V DC
Charging current max. 30 A
Input voltage 80 - 270 V AC
130 - 320 V DC
Power consumption max. 510 W
Dimensions 260 x 215 x 90 mm
Weight 2.0 kg
Charging ports 3


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