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What is Tercoo®?

Tercoo® is a rotating disk, which can remove rust, paint, tar, epoxy, varnish, adhesive-coatings ect. from a variety of surface materials, such as: steel, iron, other metals, concrete and stone. The perfect result is a blasted surface with a corresponding roughness and purity, which can then be easily adapted to install new protective layers. With Tercoo®, one can get a proper surface, from which he can go on to apply new protective coatings on top of.

How does Tercoo® work?

Tercoo® is a natural rubber disc, equipped with 12 hard metal studs. The studs sit at a certain angle to the center middle and are pushed by centrifugal force outwards. The natural rubber discs are flexible and elastic and create an effect very similar to what a sandblaster is capable of. The hard metal pins scrape the surface clean of tar, adhesives and sealants and are therefore easy to remove. This is not the case with other tools of this nature, due to their operational tendancies, which create friction and heat. It does not matter which material is on the surface, Tercoo® always gets the job done.

The models:

There are three different models, all of which are suitable for a drill with a max RPM of 4,000:

Single: is suitable for smaller surfaces such as the removal of water bubbles in paint or minor rust spots, etc.

Double: is suitable for medium sized surfaces, such as keels or smaller decks.

Triple: is optimal for large surfaces, such as hulls or entire decks.

Driven by a drill with a recommended rotation of between 2500-3000 RPM, it generates shaking and swinging movements for a result close to what a sandblast would reach.

The discs are ideal for removing paint, primers, epoxy, rust, tar, etc., on metal surfaces, steel and concrete. Available as single, double or triple disc (works three times as fast). Working surface approx. 4 to 6 m²/h (single disc). Lifetime: approx. 90 - 120 m². Locking bolts: 8 mm, disc diameter: 126 mm. Disc width, single: approx. 7 mm, double: approx. 13 mm, triple: approx. 20 mm.

Safety and Use:

  • Always wear safety glasses, work-gloves, dustmask and protective clothing
  • Maximum rotational speed: 4000 RPM
  • Optimal rotational speed: Between 2,500 and 3,000 RPM
  • Clockwise rotational direction
  • Always align the disk to the target surface at a 90° angle

Important: Be careful and don't push too hard on edges

Please note: In order to be able to use the TERCOO disks with greater ease and with less dust, you can order an optional guide rail with bar spacer and exhaust system.

Technical data:
Disk diameter 126 mm +/- 0.8 mm
Disk width 6.7 mm +/- 0.3 mm
Stud size 8 mm
Rubber Natural stained rubber
Hardness 50 Shore A
Carbide Hardness 1500HV
Power rating 1200 W
Power 750 W
Idle speed 900-2500 RPM
Cable length 4 m
Weight without Tercoo® Multi 2.4 kg
Tool mount M12

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Boris H.
Bandera nacional de Alemania Compra verificada
Gute Ergebnisse
Con el disco no hubo problema para quitar viejas capas de pintura y masilla de la quilla. Deshacerse del óxido puro fue más difícil que la pintura vieja. Es importante no ejercer ninguna presión y mover siempre el disco ligeramente. Un taladro normal será suficiente.
Thomas B.
Bandera nacional de Alemania Compra verificada
He restaurado un oldtimer. Solo puedo decir que este dispositivo es simplemente genial. Solo puedo recomendarlo. Ahorra tiempo y no apesta tanto.
Jean Marc E.
Bandera nacional de Francia Compra verificada
super produit
super decapé, para rincones difíciles.
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