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The waterproof RS35 combines a built-in dual channel AIS receiver with the latest VHF functionality. It is Class D compliant for global use and allows AIS reception and VHF use via just one antenna. In areas such as busy shipping lanes or bustling marinas, the RS35 offers the ability to see, hear and be heard for increased safety. The device can be easily integrated into an existing system. Plug and play integration has many uses such as viewing another boat's DSC distress call or receiving vital GPS location data for accurate DSC information. The RS35 has dedicated menu and channel keys, separate volume and squelch knobs and a distress button. It has selectable Dual and TriWatch modes and a large internal speaker. The device is also suitable for use as a PA and to control a hailer horn. Additional features: 20 user-programmable names with MMSI and TrackYourBuddy™ (keeps you up to date with your friends’ positions).

Class D DSC approved Specially designed for sport boats with emergency function
Dual Channel-AIS-Receiver An AIS Receiver where the installation of a seperate antenna is not required.
Ergonomic handheld microphone with integrated speaker
Cordless handphone option
Completely waterproof For even more freedom, two portable HS35 handphones, with a range of up to 100m, can be connected to the device. Intercom-calls between the handphones or the base leaves the crew informed at all times.
Postion poll, track- & group call No matter if you are cruising, race a regatta or fish with other vessels, the RS35 makes it possible for you to monitor the position of other ships as well as communicate throughout the fleet.
Dual channel-/triple channel monitoring
Latitude and longitude display By connection to a GPS antenna or a compatible chart plotter over the NMEA2000 network.
Loud and clear audio including 22 Watt hailer Listen to the complete communication on board clearly and talk safely to the whole crew. 4W external speaker and 22W megaphone / foghorn.
NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 compatible For the ultimate network integration.
Advanced UKW-functions including AIS Plot... Advanced UKW-functions including AIS-Plot, way points, navigation and MOP functions.

The compact handset HS35 (optional) is an excellent addition to the RS35. With a battery life of 8 hours and a range of up to 100 m, it provides freedom to move around the boat. Waterproof (IPX7). The wireless handset can be found here.
The DSC or ATIS function/menu is only available in the respective channel group. Please change to the corresponding channel group to use the respective functions.

Programming notes:

This device has to be programmed by us with your personal data, such as: MMSI and/or ATIS numbers. This service is free of charge.

Please enter your MMSI / ATIS number in the 'comment' field during your order or fill out our datasheet for programming VHF radios and send it to:

If additional channels (e.g. dutch channels 30, 31 and 37) are to be programmed, we charge a programming fee.

The application for MMSI and ATIS numbers can be found under Service/Downloads.


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