Battery Protector 100 - Battery Controller

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152,47 € IVA incluido, gastos de envío excluidos.
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VOTRONIC - Battery protector 100

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This supreme battery controller protects your batteries from all undervoltage situations. It has to be connected between supply battery and consumers. It is suitable for all lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM). As undervoltages and total discharges can be dangerous it is also an investment in your safety. Comsumers and equipment are protected from under- and overvoltages as well as the battery which will never suffer a total discharge when monitored by the VOTRONIC battery protector 100.
The Battery Protector 100 supports a high switching current of 100 A and a short-time overload of up to 180 A is admissible. Furthermore it can be switched to 12 V/24 V board mains supply.
Based on the programmed characteristic diagrams of the battery, the intelligent automatic switching threshold will calculate the perfect disconnection point in order to optimize
capacity utilization and protect the battery in the best way possible.
The Votronic Battery protector can optionally be used with up to three different disconnection thresholds. The higher thresholds will enable the battery to have enough power for starting the engine in case the vehicle only has one battery circuit (according to DIN 1789).
Moreover, the protector will emit a preliminary alarm with visual and audible indication (beeper and LED). This beeper can be switched off. The protector is also equipped with a separate switching output for external audible or visible alarms (PNP, plus output, 0.2 A). Thanks to this warning signal the turning off of unnecessary electric consumers can be carried out by the user. Threaded battery connections for cable lugs M6 and a protection cap are included in the standard delivery.
Voltage: 12 or 24V
current max: 180 Amp
continuous current: 100 Amp
Dimensions: 150 x 70 x 37 mm
intelligent automatic thresholds
optionally 3 freely chosen thresholds


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