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Zeus² is an easy to use, ultra-responsive, multi-touch chartplotter packed with Award Winning sailing features, like SailSteer. Zeus² integrates seamlessly with your network and looks incredible thanks to its low profile, stylish design.
The Zeus² 7 has a highly intuitive and responsive user interface with a multi-touch widescreen with pinch to zoom gestures - all backed up by B&G’s signature rotary controller. From the ultra-fast processor, which offers seamless chart redraw and super sharp graphics, to the bonded glass, bright LED backlit screen, every inch of the Zeus² has been engineered to provide style and sailing performance in the toughest of environments.

The B&G Zeus² 7 is an easy to use, ultra-responsive chartplotter designed specifically for sailors. It is packed with exclusive B&G sailing features including:
  1. SailSteer - all your sailing data on one display
  2. Laylines - view tacking angles on the chart even without an active waypoint
  3. RacePanel - allows easy access to a selection of powerful sail racing features including: Start Line & What If?
  4. Additionally, integrated GoFree™ enables wifi connectivity for direct chart and software update download.
  • Pioneering design Intuitive, responsive multi-touch display
  • Choice of leading cartography options
  • GoFree™ Wireless Technology
  • Internal high-sensitivity GPS antenna
  • Broadband Radar™ compatible
  • Low power consumption
  • Video input
  • Integrated Pilot control
  • NMEA 2000, 0183 and Ethernet compatibility

Display 7“ / 17.8 cm WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) Touchscreen
Dimensions 7” = 231.5 x 147.2 x 105.6 mm
Power Supple 12 - 24 V DC nominal (9.0 - 32.0 VDC Min-Max)
Background Lighting 1200 nits
Navigation Waypoint Memory: 10,000 points total combined between waypoints/route points
NMEA0183 Yes
NMEA2000 Yes
Ethernet Yes
GPS Built-in 10 Hz GPS-Antenna
Background Mapping Integrated worldwide background chart
Chart Options Navionics®, C-MAP MAX-N, Insight, Insight Genesis, NV Digital and charts with Navico Mapcreator
Card Slot 2x microSD

Compatible with:

Navionics Gold Navionics Platinum

Integrate and Expand
This unit displays can be expanded and enhanced to suit boaters’ specific needs, with easy NMEA 2000® and Ethernet connectivity to a vast selection of B&G and third-party accessories.

GoFree™ Wireless
Available with the optional WIFI-1 module, GoFree™ wireless capabilities connect your multifunction display to the world. Browse and purchase a wide range of cartography online from the GoFree™ Shop, downloading charts directly to your display’s memory card without leaving the helm. Upload sonar logs recorded during your voyages directly from your display to the Insight Genesis cloud service, which creates detailed depth-contour, vegetation location, and bottom hardness maps – the perfect way to better explore your favourite inland and coastal fishing spots.

Anywhere you have a wireless internet connection, you have access to GoFree™ services – from your home Wi-Fi when your boat is trailered in the driveway, to your marina’s Wi-Fi when you’re sitting at the dock.

Out on the water, GoFree™ brings the screen of your multifunction display right to your iPhone or Android smartphone, and lets you control your display remotely from your iPad or Android tablet.
ForwardScan Function (with optional sonar device)
Knowing what comes your way! This is made possible the ForwardScan devices. The forward-facing sonar device provides a clear 2D image of the ground, which headed towards your boat. So that you can control your boat safely in shallow or poorly charted waters.

The Forward scanning sensor is available optionally and can be connected directly to the display.
Further information can be found here
StructureScan® 3D (optionally available)
An integrated SonarHub™ sounder combines award-winning StructureScan® HD sonar imaging for a 180-degree picture-like view of the bottom, and CHIRP-enabled Broadband Sounder™ technology for reliable fish detection and accurate bottom tracking at all depths. Vertical heave compensation, available with the optional HS60 or HS70 satellite compass, removes the “wavy” vertical effect of ocean swells on sonar images – offering superior imaging of the seabed and fish targets.
Easy to read sonar images
With the ScanTrack™ pan-tilt-rotation failure, the screen commands and the user-friendly, pre-view positions can be viewed as 3D images from any angle.
Further information can be found here


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