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The mid-range top model. Dimensions: 330 x 75 x 15 cm. Weight approx. 12.5 kg, carrying capacity approx. 140 kg, buoyancy: approx. 300 l. Pressure approx. 1.0 bar.
Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a sport for the whole family and all ages! It makes a great hobby, gets people out in the nature, and can help increase physical fitness. The perfect trend sport, as well as long-term leisure activity. An SUP is also a great item to have on board!
New and only at SVB: iSUPS from SEATEC in an exclusive design. Fun on the water and a real eye-catcher. Manufactured using double layer technology from high quality PVC material and processed using a "drop stitch" technique, where thousands of nylon threads connect the deck to the underwater hull - this ensures stability when the board is inflated. After use, the iSUP can be rolled up to save space and stowed, transported and stored in the supplied bag. No slipping thanks to the anti-slip EVA standing surface. Integrated carrying handle, luggage attachment, front and rear towing lugs. Includes fins, paddle, bag, repair material and a high-pressure pump with pressure gauge.

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