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With seaEQ, you will discover the fascinating world of water sports. All products are specifically developed, tested and produced in the Netherlands and Germany. seaEQ stands for quality and innovation. In addition to their modern designs, their products are tested for functionality and easy handling, both on board and in the harbour. seaEQ ensures that you will have maximum fun when you are out on the water!
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fenderfits - the original. The fenderfits brand has been supplying fender covers for all types and sizes of fenders worldwide for over 15 years. The covers are offered in 12 different colours. The high-quality material is specifically tested for UV resistance and is manufactured with state-of-the-art machines. The finishing touches are done by hand. Fenderfits production halls are located in France at the port of Cannes. 
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SEATEC - elija calidad a buen precio. SEATEC es la marca propia de SVB y fue fundada en 1998 para satisfacer las necesidades de los entusiastas de los deportes náuticos - todo ello a los mejores precios con la calidad más alta del mercado.
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The Global Standard - Made in the USA. American manufacturer of spherical and long fenders, safety buoys, mooring buoys, fender covers and accessories such as sturdy metal fender baskets for single or multiple fender storage.
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OCEAN solid fenders are unique all over the world! They are made completely of flexible PU foam, do not need to be filled with air so cannot deflate. PU foam has very good shock absorbing properties with long service life and is therefore ideally suited as a base material for OCEAN's innovative foam boat fenders.
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