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GEMMA SPARTUM (rope jewellery) stands for the highest quality and individual craftsmanship. The nautical themed wristbands and accessories made of sailing rope are finished by hand in high-quality material from yachting equipment. In doing so, one of the oldest handcrafts meets modern designer jewellery. Each wristband is made by hand, with love in their production facility in Bremen - this makes every accessory from GEMMA SPARTUM a unique piece. Discover the BUGSPRIET and the GLATTDECKER wristbands from GEMMA SPARTUM's current collection at SVB now.
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La marca GARMIN se fundó en 1989 y pertenece a las empresas mundiales líderes en el desarrollo de tecnología para la navegación. La empresa se ha convertido exitosamente en uno de los proveedores más importantes en el sector náutico con su amplia gama productos GARMIN y cartografía propia. Para GARMIN la calidad de sus productos es primordial y por ello controla la producción en sus propias instalaciones.
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A trio of sailing mates led to the founding of Marinepool during the early nineties in Munich. They lived by the motto "From sailors, for sailors" and this turned out to be exactly right. During their early years, the brand mainly consisted of sailwear, outdoor products and life jackets for sports and recreation. The demand for sailing fashion soon led to the creation of a fashion line for the nautical lifestyle. Every new product is optimised, down to the smallest detail before being introduced on the market. More than 25 years of experience and valuable feedback from the professionals on the Marinepool Racing Team guarantee functional, light and comfortable clothing.
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100% waterproof! Aquapac offers perfect solutions to protect important documents or technical equipment for all outdoor activities. The waterproof protective covers with the Aquaclip locking system keep everything that is important dry even in moist and wet conditions - smartphone, GPS, tablet or nautical chart, etc. remain operable inside the protective TP film sleeves and are buoyant and waterproof up to a depth of 10m.
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Eugeni G. el 02.12.2022

Todo en orden cono siempre. Gracias

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James A. el 02.12.2022

It was very convenient to have the delivery made to a local store as there is no suitable address for delivery to the yacht.

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Fernando A. el 30.11.2022