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Inner and outer perfection. Andersen sailboat winches are a reflection of the demands of functionality and quality. For over 60 years, Andersen has been constantly working to meet its customers' demands, while continuing to develop new technological standards. To date, Andersen stands for design, reliability, durability and perfection.

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Stainless Steel Winch Handle with Double Grip
Product image of ANDERSEN Stainless Steel Winch Handle with Double Grip
FS Lee Winches
Product image of ANDERSEN FS Lee Winches
449.95 EUR En stock desde 449,95 €
Stainless Steel Winches BT
Product image of ANDERSEN Stainless Steel Winches BT
ANDERSEN Stainless Steel Winches BT
169.95 EUR En stock desde 169,95 €
Classic Winches with Ratchet
Product image of ANDERSEN Classic Winches with Ratchet

From years of experience and development, Andersen now offers unbeatable products for every application on board. They range from manual winches, to complex hydraulic winches, up to electric winches. Each is customized to meet the specific needs of sailors.

Andersen winches have stainless steel drums, so that oxidation will not occur. The relatively low weight of these winches is pleasantly surprising.

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