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SELDEN Deck Organizer 4x40

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Precio SVB: 72,95 €
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72,95 € IVA incluido, gastos de transporte excluido.

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  • cód. art. 64172
  • código de producto EAN 7350044272271
  • Descripción SELDÉN - Deckorganizer 4x40

Detalles del producto

Seldén deck organizers keep the deck tidy and lead the ropes back to the cockpit. The acetal sheaves have acetal ball bearings, which absorb side loads from rope entering the organizer on a vertical angle. The result is low friction, making hoisting and trimming sails fast and easy. The organizers can be fitted on to a slightly curved surface and two organizers can be stacked on top of each other. The deck organizers are made out of glass fibre reinforced composite.
Safe working load is stated at 90° degrees.
  • Weight: 234.00 g
  • Safe working load: 700 kg
  • Breaking load: 1400 kg
  • Breaking load upper: 7.00 kN
  • Max line size: 14 mm
  • System: 40
  • Fasteners: 4xM6

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