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Welcome to SVB’s Guides
to Sail and Motorboat Accessories

Welcome to SVB’s Guides to Sail and Motorboat Accessories

Which topics do you have questions for?

Motors & Accessories

Need help choosing an outboarder or replacement engine parts?

Electronics & Navigation

Complex installations, explained and simplified: NMEA, GPS, nautical charts and much more.

Plumbing & Pantry on Board

Helpful tips and tricks for your technical questions and issues below deck.

Rigging, Deck & Sails

Do you have any questions regarding standing or running rigging? You'll find the answers here!

Anchors & Mooring

How do I properly anchor? Do I need an ISO or DIN anchor chain? SVB is there to guide you!

Paint, Maintenance & Repair

Almost always the first thing to do before the start of the season: Applying a fresh coat.


Safety at sea, the most important point for every responsible skipper.


Water column, Offshore, Coastal, Inshore - we'll explain what's behind all of those terms.


Inflatable boats, folding bicycles, tubes, wakeboards and much more explained simply.


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