With LifeProof, you can take your iPhone into the water, into dirty terrain or in the snow. Experience the freedom to make phone calls and to surf anywhere, whether on board or under water.

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- Protect your IPhone from external influences -

LifeProof's aim is to make the best protective case, where quality and design play an important role. All cases are carefully inspected to ensure maximum protection and each case is subjected to a water test.

Underwater cinema

Record crystal clear video underwater or take photos of your favourite fish. You can also listen to music with LifeProof Cases. Even a spilled glass of red wine can’t damage your smartphone.

For off-road adventures

The ultra-functional protective cover doesn't let any dust through. Relax on the beach and be sure your iPhone will be safe. Not just for adventurers - craftsmen can relax knowing that drilling, sawing or sanding won't damage your smartphone.

Jump height

Drop your iPhone with a LifeProof casing and you won't have to worry about scratches or chips. Even from a height of 1.2 m and onto a concrete floor, your device will not be damaged.

Entertainment on board

You don't want to leave your iPad at home while boating, so LifeProof has developed protective cases for your tablet as well. Enjoy your reading even in rough seas, listen to music on the air mattress - no longer a problem with LifeProof protective covers.